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GloZell's Christmas...till July? NO!

Boyfriend (slams the news paper down)==The Writers are stupid! They should take the deal!

GloZell== What? The deal must not be good enough.
Boyfriend== Read the paper...they are in trouble now because another Guild is against the Writers!
GloZell== The one with camera people,hair and make-up people.

Boyfriend==YES! And the writers want Animation and Reality TV to be apart of the union! How stupid is that!
GloZell== Animators are so boring and fugly(they probably use themselves to make characters ) I don't care about them but Reality! ...Why is that so stupid?

GloZell== Why are you yelling and getting so upset? And I have been striking with a guy who is a writer for Reality TV....I don't know if Reality TV needs a union or not, but they do have writers...everyone says so.
Boyfriend== I will be glad when the strike is over so you will do something else with your time...that blog has gotten you nowhere!

GloZell==( I'll show you...I will show you)-------------------------------------------------------

Boyfriend and I went to the Animators Guild Christmas Party last Friday Dec. 8Th...I didn't want to go.But then we got swag bags!(if you ever want to feel beautiful go to an Animators Guild Party I'm talking Bow wow looking folks...My table was the cutest)It was a t-shirt and sketch book and some other dumb book!BOOOOOO!I was rhet to go!--------------------
GloZell's clothes from Glogio Glomani Designs Today at the Strike... I met a Strike Caption who told me that Reality TV has writers who are underpaid and work long hours.(Adult sweat shop)
We got red Velvet Cupcakes! Deepaka uses a pedometer and in 2 hours we walked 6000 steps! YES! We also got healthy snacks ...I offered a apple to a homeless lady who has been hanging around..she said that apples are not apprapo to her palette...? then she took two.( Why did I have to look up what she said to me? and still spelled it are failing in school but the homeless got me doing homework!)

I was hanging around the saving Grace people(they are not snobs) they were saying that if the DGA(Directors Guild...Association...of America...I don't know what the "A" stands for)...anywho...if the DGA takes the crummy deal that has been offered to them...WGA might strike to July

GloZell== said July.
Saving Grace Guy== I mean July

GloZell== But July has already passed?
SGG== July 2008

GloZell==WHAT! (That's most of Jay's year...oh it's gotten personal way! No..No.July...TAKE THE OFFER WRITERS!)

GloZell== I guess you really think you will get what you want huh?
SSG== Yes we do.
GloZell== July it is...hopefully we wont have to.( JAY WILL BE COMPLETELY NUTS BY THEN)
----------At the strike from Fans of TV gave 1 million let the Network Moguls know that they want their shows back!Plenty of Strikers...Plenty of Media...This guy was the speaker!The pencils was dumped into huge containers and rolled on NBC property! It was so much fun!Ellen's guest stood around wondering what was going on... The Security spoke to the media asking the Strikers to leave NBC and take the pencils with them.

The handsome NBC head of security came out...(What cha going to do Mr. Security Man) Right then he called one of the strikers over by name...(Oh Snap!)...I thought the striker was in trouble but the striker said Ok and used the NBC phone...?
I took a picture with...Rance Howard Opie's Daddy(Ron Howard)... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I took two pencils.. I'm so ghetto!

I was feeling pretty good about the in my car and noticed BATS IN THE CAVE!
I'm talking Ring Around the Nosey!So embarrassing..I would have told someone if they had Bugger King going on! I get no love...looking crusty in front of all those white people all day!...


Tell me that Britney Spears didn't steal a Cig.Lighter from the Gas Station! Does she not know cameras are always on her! Brittney wants to go to jail like her other panties-less friends...She is Ding DangDumbY'all
Give me no more!------------------------
Vivica A. Fox got arrested for a DUI...Driving Under the Influence...Influence of what?...Botox.
Of course Vivica looks like she is on something...she hasn't blinked in 4 years!...She has been a stiff mess ever since 50 cents dumped her beautiful nerve dead face...