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Live Long..and Prosper Glo

Church Folks:Friday

Luis and Ed are going to Van Halen Concert...Rock Out!
Luis asked me if I wanted to watch Led Zepplin concert on tape...(Are they the one's with the long beards?)

Youth Director (Jeff "Jay Leno"Henderson)

At church it was announced that 487 children received gifts at Operation Santa Clause!(don't tell the little ones)... My Pastor Alfredo was Santa this year... he said the two kids that got bikes (we only had two bikes)...were so thankful... The youth( Pk-5Th) had their Christmas Pageant and got a standing ovation!

I went to a Memorial Service for the Greatest Lady I never known...She had Alzheimer's during the whole time I" knew "her...Hennrietta Embick Valor Towey...use to be a big time singer and performer...Every Opening Show...her husband John would send one yellow rose...
Mary Joe spoke and I said a few words...( didn't realize I had on the Santa hat until I was already in the pulpit)
7:30 PM

...Wally(see Thanksgiving Blog) and His friend who is an Elvis impersonator...who sang "Are you Lonesome Tonight?" and kiss my hand...(awwww)
Some people walk for a cure for Breast Cancer...Aids...Alzheimer's...I'm walking for...writers to get more money?...I hope that something more meaningful come out of this Tonight Show /Strike experience....Life is to Precious to be so shallow.
I did get a ticket to Orlando!(Boyfriend helped me)...During Prayer request last Sunday...(which I never say allowed but this time...I announced that I have waited so long to get a ticket...please pray that I can get a ticket at a decent price.. a lady walked up to me after service... and said "I use to live in Orlando long before before Disney World...Merry Christmas" and handed me a check for 100 dollars!

No one else had ever seen her...(Thank you Lord)
Today at the Strike:

I hung around positive strikers(Dave/Phil) it was fun! We were dancing and singing...People were honking...
I met William A. Alger he certifies people in CPR, AED, and First Aid...(
I also met people from ORLANDO FLORIDA! (GO GATORS!)The lady works at Disney security!
Two of the most sweetest sisters...asked their mother to stop so they could say hi to me...(Thank You Lord)That was better than any Celebrity I have ever met...(this season is getting to me)
People going to Ellen show asked me if I want anything from a restaurant...Phil(Striker) said "I have never seen that happen before?...I told him...It happens to me all the time.

Ellen is doing her show and I hope it's successful for a long time...and it just a joyful reunion when the writers are back...(Dance my Sistah!) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I was thinking about symbols and their meanings lately... and if people would still do them if they knew where they came from...

You may also find Jewish symbols on a tombstone, such as a Menorah, a Magen David, a Torah scroll, a lion, or the two tablets of the Ten Commandments. Most of these symbols don't tell you anything about the decedent (other than the fact that he or she was Jewish). However, if you see a picture of hands in a position like the one at right, this normally indicates that the decedent was a Kohein, because this hand position is used when the Kohanim bless the congregation at certain times of the year [this is where Leonard Nimoy, himself a Jew, got the idea for the "Live long and prosper" salute in Star Trek.]
Tonight Show with Jay Leno should be back the first week of January(with out writers...if strike isn't over)...which is cool as long as David Letterman comes back before Jay(David will have his writers)... I'm not that excited to go back to the show...The strike might not be over...and... Some strikers asked if I would be going to the show or striking...They said they would miss me...(that was sweet)...I visit ABC on Thursday (General Hospital) meet some people and check things will see... the strike should be over by Feb...I hope.
Is it strange that my boyfriend...when he comes home...changes his clothes...he dusts the TV...desk...bookcase... with the dirty underwear he just took off?
Sometimes I wonder if it's me...I need to know.( I am so thankful he doesn't read this..ha ha)