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Glo's Dreaming of a Black Christmas...

Our troops are at war... A woman, a black man, and a Mormon is running for President of the US for the first time... but who cares because.... JAMIE LYNN SPEARS IS PREGNANT... -----------------------------------------------------

Phone Call with Sister:

G---------- Boyfriend' mother gave me a gift that you would like so I'm giving it to you for Christmas because it's your favorite color...

D--- I know you told me... re-gift is better than no gift...

G---It is made up of several gifts so... I can spilt them between you and mom... that way she can have a gift for her Birthday (Dec 24TH)

D----- NO!

G--- All I have for mom is a picture I took in front of a coffee shop with her first and middle name..

D--- You found a coffee shop named Gloria Jean? ... that's good enough.

G---- Dee come on...

D--- No!

G--- Are we going to Tampa for Christmas Day?

D--- Every one is coming to our house.

G-- Mom is going to try and cook! (She is the only black woman from the south who can't cook)...Who is coming?
D-- No one... I'm going to Sea World... I got a ticket for you too so you have to go.

G-- DeOnzell... take mom to Sea World on the 24TH...

D-- I will think about it... I will See how my nerves are...

D--- Nick Lachey's choir won "Clash of the Choirs"(On NBC)... It was so good !His choir did the Flight of the Bumble Bees accapella ... I stood up in the Living Room...he deserved to win... it was the best...

G--- Must have been good if he beat Patti Labelle's choir


I will be leaving for Florida on Monday... I will bring my computer because the last computer my mother had used cassette tapes and had a black and green screen... I will post no later than humpday hopefully earlier.


This year Paris Hilton spent more time in jail than... OJ Simpson


OJ Simpson not a Jew let me tell you who is: (By mother, father, both or Converting)

Josephine Baker---singer

Lisa Bonet

Nell Carter
Sammy Davis Jr.

Bissy bone---rapper from Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony

Ben Harper

Lenny Kravitz

Elliott Maddox--Base Ball Player

Rain Pryor--- Richard Pryor's daughter

Tracee Ellis Ross

Sean Stockman-- Boys II Men

Wanya Morris-- Boy II Men

Monifa Brown ... Associate Producer of the show "Jazzset with Bradford Marsalis".
L-R: Rabbi Levi Ben Levy, Rabbi A. Jona, Rabbi D. Small, Chief Rabbi W.A. Matthew, Rabbi M. Stephens, Rabbi E. Grey. Harlem, NY 1967 Paula Abdul
Happy Holiday's to every one who has ever took the time to look at my blog thank you so very much!......

And a special thank you to Boyfriend, Fight'n mad Mary, Rithy who have helped me so much with this computer stuff...

and : Executive Board of Directors: Melinda, Dan W, Observer,Fightn' mad Mary, Rithy, Leslie S.

Merry Christmas!