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(Sing)...Glo Happy Jay...

I was ask to babysit last night for a church friend...The kids grandfather took us to dinner then I was going to stay till around Midnight with the child till the father got home from his gig...

The Grandfather said things like...Black women are so soft... (coca butter? oil mabe?)

In his car to and from the restaurant he had Amy Winehouse "I told you I was trouble "on repeat"
Grandfather== It is such a sexy song... we can...grind to it...ha ha ha
At the restaurant..

Grandfather==People blame their actions on Martini's and pot...but it's just an excuse to do what they want to do.

He ordered a Martini
Grandfather==I could just push your big boobs together and take a shot from in between them.
GloZell==Nooo...thank you.(give me a break)

Grandfather ordered dessert to go... At the house the kid was glued to the TV...

Grandfather==While he is not looking ... you could lick this whip cream off my finger..with your.. big mouth. (Who does he think I am...Jessica Simpson)

This went on and on ...I'm taking his hands off me... finally he left...It was just me and the kid.

I don't know how to tell the father...that his father(Grandfather) (I don't have a word for it)

Maybe Reality TV doesn't have writers because I feel like I'm trapped in one...
Today at the Strike

At NBC I saw this green wall structure...then people from the Tonight Show!...the stage manager,light and camera guys...and Irv (who use to open the Curtains for Johny Carson but now he...he...well they must have a good Kraft Service set up...that means Smitty will be back also...Yea!) GloZell==(Maybe the Tonight Show is back!)

It turns out that Knight Rider was being filmed...Yes !That's going to be a cool show! I'm glad that TS People are working!(I feel great about that...the writers and Jay are next) I met Molly from "Defamer" who said that the new Michael Knight is very very hot!----------------------- Larry== missed Jay Leno...he was around back today..he was in a Steam Engine..

GloZell== Was he singing " Swing Low" or Nobody Knows De' Trouble I've seen. Larry== Nope, he was cracking jokes about the pay or not paying his people...he was in good spirits.
GloZell== WHAT! That's great! Larry== Yeah I think someone would have said something bad either way...if he paid his staff..."Where's our Bonus?' If he paid nothing..."Leno is cheap?"'s not his show he doesn't have to pay anyone.

GloZell== But why not just do it anyway...

Larry== Why?

GloZell==Because it's his staff...they have been with him a long time...because it makes him look good...or at least not bad.

Larry== Carson Daly screwed his writers...Ellen just didn't care at all..

GloZell== No one is even saying a word about Ellen anymore..

Larry== Yeah she got a free pass but not with know she like chicks..

GloZell== Everyone knows that.

Larry==I'm going to get a picture of Ellen with a MAN and *uck her world up...Everyone is going to think she is straight...that would ruin her!

GloZell== You need so much help.

Larry== So how's your boyfriend?

GloZell==Great..How's your wife?

Larry==She could die any day now.

GloZell== ...She dying?

Larry==I didn't say she was dying...she could get in a car accident today or fall and break her neck...anything.
GloZell==I rebuke that in the name of are a twisted person!...not cool...not cool..
Richard "The Tonight Show Angry Stagehand"---------------------
Maruice ==This strike is ruin my a producer..I need to get my film going...the writers should just take the offer.

GloZell== They must think they can get what they want...or more than what's offered. I just hope that the people who are negotiating for the writers know contracts and business not just scripts.

Maurice== Okay..

GloZell...Producers...make deals...24/7...everyday...every year...the last time writers had to was 20 years ago. We will has to work out and better not last till JULY.
Car pulls up
Henry == Get in the car... GloZell== Hey! (Henry was fired from the car shop across the street from NBC)

Henry== I want to take you somewhere..

Henry== I don't know yet...we will be back in a hour...

GloZell== I am striking...thanks for the offer... I like white men and I have a to you later.

Henry== I want to strike you...I don't car about a boyfriend...I will try again another day... I wish I was Alameda...(he is a trip...but he is back in college...Congratulations Henry)

GloZell (Do I have strong pheromones or something this are coming out the woodwork!)

GloZell's Ascot from Kathy Lee designs exclusively found at Glo-Mart -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

...I don't understand why do white kids think they have troubles...

The boy in NE who walked into a mall and just started shooting people...his girlfriend just broke up with him. I know there is no logic in insane people but IF you have to be mad at someone...Why not the girlfriend?...Why take it out on strangers?

You don't hear...Keisha Jackson found her boyfriend Dornell cheating... so she went to Popeye's' Chicken and shot up the place... or burned down RED LOBSTER! or Jesus Lopes...found out that he is not Maria's Baby Daddy so he walked down the street and threw knives everywhere...

Two churches was in the news same week... a gunman just opened fire... You have to teach Black History and Jewish History (at least those two) in school. White Kids don't know what HARD times are and don't know that you can over come anything.
(Slavery,Holocaust,hangings,KKK, starting life with nothing in another country)

White Kids: Problems

"My dad wont give me the weekend car! I hate my life...I'm going to be the laughed at.?... They just don't frikin understand what I have to face...( So he kills his parents after they play Monopoly...Are you kidding?)

My boyfriend who I have never met, but I love him, we chat all the time everyday on the internet...he...he said he didn't love me anymore...I'm so depressed...he was my life!.. (So she hangs herself...and it turns out..the guy never was just a a Parent of some school enemy?) Suzie made the cheerleader team...My Baby Doll jump is higher than hers I've got more Spirit!...(I'm going to run Suzie over in dad's blue the pale green one)

I don't like my teacher...She embarrassed me in class for the last time...come on Billy let's poison her...

The Little Engine that could, and Mr. Rodgers...aint gon cut it....Parents!------------GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP! ---------------------------------------------------
Jessica Alba and her perfect body is having a baby!.... she might gain 97.2 pounds and be forced to go on Celebrity fit Club!( I always look to the bright side)
Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon will have a Reality Show on "E"...What are they going to name it..." I LoVe New Hepatitis C."