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Glo's Ghost and the One Eyed Cat!

Today while I was striking... Mrs. Hamilton

( I didn't write her name down so I will ask if I got it wrong tomorrow... I see her everyday)

Mrs. H who is a writer striking told me she wrote a story about a man who found a leg with a woman's shoe

on it... felt like who ever the woman was must be his sole mate... Ha Great leg story!
The strikers are great with the audience members and offer the strike signs to take pictures.. ( you won't ever get a chance to do this again... )

I'm glad Joe M. (head writer of the Tonight Show) told the strikers to be nice to the audience, it has made a big difference ...My Royal friends from Manchester England across the Atlantic Sea!The Finfera'a from Clearwater, FL. (James and Diane runs Photo Gallery of Jim Finfera) I had the best conversation about Jesus, Saints,Pro-Life, and Peace with James The Finfera's have a son in Afghanistan...He joined the millitary..9/10.... the day before the World Trade Center went down....

Tonight Show Biz...

Before the show started a editor guy who just moved to LA 3 days ago asked Jay about the strike... Jay took a lot of time to explain his thoughts on the strike (Jay supports... he did two weeks of donuts and no show for two months... Jay didn't have to do anything)

Jay is nicer than I am... I would have said... How stupid are you to move to California during a strike and want a editing job? That's why Jay is so great!( My Boo)


Phil (The Tonight Show DJ played some new music!)

The show was great! The Headlines was the funniest ever!

Gidget is back ( She runs the show) Gidget I am happy to report that your team did a great job while you were gone...

Chazz Palminteri---Funny. Jay had a good time just kicking it with him... ( Are ju laughing at me? Bada Bing Bada Boom)

Alison Sweeney--- Love her on Day's of Our Lives... and "The Biggest Looser."..( Caroline Ray use to be the host of the Biggest Looser on NBC... but she was fat... so they replaced her... Caroline is the biggest looser...ha ha sorry )Alison Sweeney was well dressed... Her hair didn't work for me...

Dierks Bentley a county music singer... he is cute!... nice voice... not as strong as other country singers I have seen but who cares about his voice... he's cute ---------------------------

I am going out with Boyfriend and his aunt... she is Jewish and we are going to eat Kosher... don't know what that means I think it's something to do with milk not touching...something hoofed...

Will finish blog when I get back... no pork... Oy Vey!

Boyfriend and Aunt at Boyfriend house ( Is that a ghost crossing in the background?)

She drove...They spent hours in the Iliad Bookstore... the bookstore supports the writers and they have a old watch cat with one eye...2 hours later... --------------





Another Rambo! As old as Sly is? ....Call my agent!... I can do another Nine Lives Commercial...