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Does Jay Pick his Scabs GloZell?

To my knowlege Jay dosn't use, scabs or anyone else! Jay said he writes his own jokes... That's the ende of that!

( You will have a GloZell free Monday and Tuesday... I will be going out of town to work...)

Joe. M ( head of strike at NBC) Make sure everyone is friendly... no yelling! ( I will found out what happened)

(Tonight Show... please continue to keep the line in order... 1,2,3----30 don't forget!)


Today was so much better...It's great when Tony( head of security) does the speech...He speaks with authority. Tony took the time to explain why we were in lobby 1 ...why we can't use the chairs... where the two lines are going to be... why are we in two lines... and how we are leaving lobby 1....

We went a new way...I loved it.. around the back we saw Jay's car... and didn't pass the Strikers)
NBC Page Crystal did a fantastic job of keeping us in line!... as soon as she turned her back... the second line was moving in front of the first... Crystal turned around and kept turning around to keep the line in order... Thanks!

Thanks Danny (NBC Page who is all kinds of fine... with dimples...mmmm!) for removing the pornographic filth those boys were reading and making comments on!)

Tonight Show Biz!

Before the show Jay did his " I write my own jokes please don't heckle the show speech" I think it helps a lot! Ross the Intern was on! People went wild... Some champagne was passed out. I don't think it was real because Jay drank on and he doesn't drink... some say it tasted like apple juice! Arsenio Hall...Was funny... still hyper ( amazing what loosing your talk show and hair plus breaking up with boyfriend Eddy Murphy plus time can do.. he looked good) I thought Arsenio got married but he didn't have on a wedding ring.. but he did have on two rings one was a band on his left pinky...

Arsenio Hall and Kevin Eubanks are good friends... during the break Kevin played Jazamidy... Kevin plays... Arsenio talks.. Arsenio walked over to the band and started " Michael Vic is a Azz hole over and over " say it with me now.. I ain't on da air I can say azz hole... Michael Vic is an azz hole.... No Whitney album in 2007...that's because she called Bobby Brown the King of R& B... Bobby Brown ain't the D** King or R&B.. Little Richard is the King and Queen of R&B..( the audience loved it...) I would just love to see Jeff B. ( the head wardrobe man) pick out like three different looks for Jay and maybe by Internet or something people could vote... I think it would be cool to see Jay do the show in something else besides a suit... something wild and fun like Jeff B.

The Twister Sisters are some crazy fun blond ladies who love chasing twisters... interesting..the footage of what twisters could do was cool to see. Seether was the musical band... Some loved it some hated it... interesting... I think the Tonight Show has been working hard to put the show together with out the writers... and doing a good job.( The strike will be over soon I hope) After the show people were asking me... I saw Cue Cards? Does that mean that Jay uses writers?...

GloZell --- Jay get to work early this week ... Monday 7.40 AM... Tuesday 7. 45 AM... looks at papers and magazines... to see whats new... I BELIEVE... JUST GUESSING DON'T KNOW FOR SURE THAT: HIS jokes that HE has come up with or reusing that HE has written...( Jay used a joke from Monday on Tuesday or some other day of the week) then they are put on Cue card... WHAT JAY HAS WRITTEN... if this is not the case... someone at NBC let me know..

When I came out of the show... a striker had a sign that said something about Jay using scabs... when he saw me, striker hid the sign... an audience member asked what's a scab? ... Scab is a writer that crossed the picket line...

Over all the strikers were completely different today... Plenty of people from the audience wanted to take pictures with them and hold strike signs.... That's a much better!
Thanks Joe M. ( head writer for the Tonight Show and in charge of the strike)

Have safe travels back to Phoenix Brayde ( who lost all of her baby fat by breast is now 8 months old) and her always finely dressed mother Daina ( who just retired from 30 years of teaching 2 ND graders) Didn't get a picture of their friend Crystal who has never seen the Tonight Show (A cute young white teacher that moved to South Central because rent was low... remember... don't wear red or blue... gang colors)



How do you beat a black man?.....

Cry! (ha ha ha ha ha... that's funny GloZell)

Arsino Hall said his star smells like pee... I cleaned Jay's ha ha...