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Glo at the LA Gift Show...

I have been A massage therapist at the VIP room at the LA Gift Show this week... I was just looking out the window down at the show... thinking about... The Strike and how Joe M. told me that he was happy that I was striking... and would tell me "Bring your Camera it' s going to be a big rally" I was thinking " Wow how cool is this?" The head writer of the Tonight Show talking to me... then the day... the music died... Joe M. freaked and yelled at me... ( Stupid of me to think I was useful to the show)

I was just thinking about that ... looking out the window... at the show...when this waiter came up to me and started telling me about investing money even if it's just a little money...

GloZell--- Thanks for the story... (I noticed his flag pen, Jay wears one) What's your name?...

Waiter--- My name is Joe... (I can't believe it... Joe of course)
Saturday... Boyfriend showed me how to get to the Convention Center by Metro... Bad picture do over I enjoyed the VIP Harpist who played the best of Phantom of the Opera... on the Harp... One lady tipped me in Two Dollar Bills... Creative way to be cheap!
I met a mother and daughter team who sell Betsy Johnson clothes our of two shops..Daisy
(What is this?) Boyfriend glued his flip flops and used chip bag clips to hold in place... ( Just get new flops) Sunday on my way to work.... A tree fell on Colfax... I had to detour Later: Christine cooked again.... ( Yeah!.. Luis Keep Her!)( She is going to take a cooking class and cook for us again.... LoVe her!)

She made Turkey Balls and Pasta...( after a while she made us say Turkey Bleeps) Karl was leaving but had a glass of wine... (good because he has had a funky attitude this week... give him two glasses!)
We had a great time... ( I love the people from my church)Karl ( who has one leg) talked about the time he had a fight in the church! Threw his crutches at a Tech, knocked a brownie out of the techs hand... over a girl! Then had to crawl down the stairs... Pastor brought him his crutches after he cooled off... ( So funny... it's amazing what great stories a little communion wine can cause)

( My dad use to do stuff like like that... )

I will be back at the show Tonight Show on Tuesday... Boyfriend is getting WiFi this week yeah...