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Wave NU Glo!

It was Northwestern University Day! NU came out to support the WGA Strike! Two baby daddies...( They are married to woman) Great men...Great fathers... The whole family strikes... We both just use the strike stick!... Al Lewis (The Dancing Massage Therapist to the Stars ) came out to Strike! Joe D. Is still representing "Saving Grace"...( I got my shirt from his wife who I will see tonight!)Thank you Northwestern University for Supporting the WGA Strike!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maurice... Maurice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. You just going to walk by! I know you hear me!Maurice-- I got things to do GloZell... My Danny Glover movie,Toco Bell... I have been running around... I don't have time for your pictures and that leg today.... G---So you cant talk now?... You are all that now? Come here Maurice...You can't even say hi?...You know you love me...
Ahhhhhh I met the greatest Retired people from Michigan... They got a picture with Jay...(The lady on the left...her father has 8 legs in the closet...(You should just carry one like me!)) I love the new page Cameron!....

I don't know about Beautiful Military Blonde Switzerland Page... and Sick Queen Latifa with two much Pink Eyeshadow in the day time Page (GloZell don't help us count the first thirty people... blah blah blah... we know how to do our jobs wah wah wah... )first 30 lines was wrong today ladies!... WRONG!...sorry

(When the pages come in to the lobby just do a count of the line before you sit on the stairs and talk about your important lives! Sorry again!
Don't send two NEW female pages... (counting to 30 takes a more experienced Page)

NBC Pages Al (Pretty lips) and Ben ( Sexy Opie)are doing a great job with the audience!

Sorry Al that lady gave you a hard time in the studio about her parents sitting next to her and other people saving seats... It's all because the first two pages didn't have the first 30 right right and it's a trickle down effect... and the lady was fussing to you....tisk tisk...

Jeff B. (Wordrobe Man to my Boo... so many people noticed your Buterfly pants yesterday... only you can get a way with Cirque de Soleil pants! Butterflys on your behind...LoVe it! (I'll get the dress and we can tour!)Speaking of cute clothes...The Betty Boop producer was cute yesterday in those brown heels, move somthing jeans and that multi color pupley top... cute little shape! (She was wearing a white dress shirt and black heels today)
(If you have something nice to day about someone... say it! Even if you don't know them)

Triscia Weeks and Kristine Hagan loves Marron 5... Kristine H. asked Jay if she can do a 2 minute survey...and Jay said yes! It was great... My Boo is the best! Triscia met Kevin Eubans at Denny's in Camarello Ca. about 4 years ago while Kevin was on a date!... WITH A GIRL! Yea!... I pretty white blonde girl ! ( Okay,... he sho couldn't take a black girl to Denny's)

Guest on the show...

Fine behind ( and I did look) Dave Salomoni and his animals... Can I have a slice of that Salmoni?
Tom Green (LoVe him) is always good to see! Jay said that Tom was nuts... No Jay Tom is nut... he lost one to Testicular Cancer...Maroon 5 was Awsome.. the audience was singing all the words... There is no audience like the Tonight Show with JAY LENO audience... next year with out Jay the audience is going to suck!

My Boo...