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Jay was Gloing on the Mic...

Correction from yesterday! ... The Greatest Page is ERIN F. ! Creative, and smart... hard working.. and a leader!

Last night at the Indian restaurant I met this guy( I will look up his name) from NYPD Blue first season... This morning I was out the door and had a feeling I was leaving something.... MY HAIR! The strikers was spoiled with Starbucks Coffee, Beverly's homemade nut and nut-less bread, and more smoothies.... I met this cute little lady from Desperate Housewives... She walked for hours!
There are a lot of strikers at NBC Burbank...( It's Dan F. and an awesome friend) the energy is high and positive.... The new strikers are from Universal...
NBC added more security guards today... I wonder if they think the strikers are going to do something?... I have never seen so many guards... Tony is in charge of a lot of people!
It's interesting being on both sides... Jay supports the writers and he says it all the time on his show... the strikers are very nice to me still!
News Reporters interview the strikers everyday now... I met one from Telemundo....
What's being on Alameda Ave. with out Maurice?... he has more hours this year at Taco Bell!
Beverly M. and her husband Joe D. ( head writer for "Saving Grace") and... Santa? ------------
Tonight Show BiZ!

Megan M.(who had on a "Jesus is the New Black" T-shirt )and Kirsten B. (who asked Jay a question on the show!)
The Tonight Show staff is really stepping up to the plate until the writers return...

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is NEW...FRESH... and UNPREDICTABLE!.. it's everything I always thought it could be... it took a strike to prove I WAS RIGHT!

Yesterday I was telling Boyfriend that the monologue was very good and how I am going to use two jokes that Jay did.

Boyfriend said that Jay was probably getting the jokes off of the Internet
I don't care if Jay was getting jokes out of his crack... it was funny.

Steve " T.S.Talent scout" ( I hope I got his name right.. he lost like 35 pounds and use to have a well groomed beard... still has kept the weight off... looking good... I am on the sick as a dog because I slept in the garage for a week in Fla., broke, eat cough drops and freeze in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Studio Diet... don't hate)

Today Jay settled it once and for all... OPEN MIC SEGMENT!.... Jay took questions from the audience LIVE.. not preplanned at all! I know, I was in line with all of those people! Jay didn't miss a beat... he was quick and funny... I was surprise.... Jay did take a question from a girl who had on a little top... Jay said " Yes you in the sleazy shirt... that was edited out I'm sure... men...

Jay is the HINC! (Head Italian In Charge...believe that!) David Letterman is going to have to do something more than just shave his scraggly beard to top Jay!

I loved the fact that Pages was used to hold the Mic for the audience questions! Kristen ( Black Page) look professional... clothes ironed... hair neat... lip gloss... Heather is a cute blond... I was very happy!

Jules Sylvester and his reptiles and hoe shorts... always fun when animals are on.... Maria Bartiromo from CMBC... Hot Bra-less Mess! Very smart... pretty but... umm her nipples could have cut glass due to the cold... She looked a little sloppy... She had on granny panties, you could see her underwear line way under her cheeks...

Dear Maria Bartiromo from CMBC,
Please look into support top pantie hose girlfriend( smooth silhouette)
and a support bra.. I'm going to need you to cross your heart! ( Okay)
LoVe GloZell

Musical guest "Finger Eleven" was great! They sang Paralyzed! That is the hottest video with the professional dressed people dancing on the roof! Great background... Great!

I hope that the writers get back soon... but I hope that this Let' s try new things continues...

Maybe I should get Joe M. ( head writer for the Tonight Show) a gift from the Hustler Store to loosen him up!( Some beads perhaps)

I met and fell in love with the Farguharson's from Prince Edward Island Canada... They were great fun and got a signed picture with Jay Leno!
I met Policemen from Broward County Sheriff Department Florida! ( My home state.. I will never move back) ------------------------------------------------

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP! ( I will keep it short... I need to answer comments)

Did you hear that Golf Anchor Kelly Tilman said " Tiger Woods is so good, the young golf players need to Lynch Tiger Woods in the back alley"...
What?.... Lynch in the back alley... Then Kelly Tilman had the nerve to say I'm sorry it was just a joke...

Has Rosa Parks taught America anything? Is Martin Luther Kings work forgotten!
How dare Anchor Kelly Tilman say that Tiger should be lynched in the back alley! What do we have to do to move to the FRONT ALLEY!

I hate racist Cracker honkie woman who believes in stereotypes and just call it a joke! ( who does she get her jokes from... Don Imus?)

As soon as I finish this red flavored Kool-aid and pork ribs... I'm going to take off my hair and sing that old Nigrah Spiritua my Mammy use to sing to me l.... " She's a Brick (dun dun dun da) House" by the Mighty Gospel Commodores..... Amen

Now that's a joke... Right?

Why won't people leave Tigers alone!