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Glo and the 12 inch Stepdad!...

Starbucks gave strikers Latte coupons! ( If only we had more donuts Jay)

The strikers are going strong... word on the street is that the strike should be over within three weeks.... Maybe this week! (The baby is tired of striking!)The strike ended is one issue but returning to your jobs is another...

If I was Jeff Zucker... it would have to cross my mind that Jay is winning in the ratings... and that he is not using the his writers. (Right Jay your not useing your writers) Just business: If I was Jeff I would put some Tonight Show writers on other shows... they are not ALL needed at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... (But they deserve great jobs same pay!)(Jeff is cute in a Powerful Thumb sort of way...that's my type... Holla at me Jay Z)

I would also think... Conan is not pulling the ratings at his time slot... Craig. Ferguson... is doing better than Conan... Jay has to keep his ratings up in order to say F.U. NBC for not renewing my contract!... and have as many options as possible when Jay goes to another network and take all the ratings away from NBC Late Night... ( can't wait) ( I love it when Jay's hair is messed up... so cute like a Troll)
I met Kathy ( 34-24-34) who has a Cucumber(12 inches) she told her daughter Sora it was "Step dad". ( it's a real CUCUMBER... it gets replaced I guess)

Sora speaks fluent Japanese and works in Beverly Hills. (
And then the Aunt Barbara was so much fun. I love these people... we laughed all day long.. Please come back... Please! (They posed with the strikers)We were driven nuts by Phylis's who was determined to get a picture with Jay... Phyllis's thought of this plan to sit next to a young guy to get Jay's attention... and it worked . She asked me to trade seats in the studio and the rest is history.

Phyllis's has Lupus and is just enjoying her life as pain free as possible... Philis has more energy than anyone I know... Jay came into the audience during a break and gave her a Cinnamon Roll...( Jay has never fed me no cinnamon roll I have had 2 Birthdays at the show!)
Phyllis wanted to meet Jay for her birthday and got whole lot more...Thanks Jay!

It was great meeting you Phyllis and sister Mariann!( Tell Oprah I said hi)

DURING THE BREAK...THE TONIGHT SHOW BAND PLAYED A NEW SONG... IT WAS GREAT! ( I just going to enjoy whatever they play... it's going to be over soon... so enjoy while I can)


Lester Holt from the "Today Show" on NBC... Good looking guy... I heard so many people say " Who is that?
Marjorie Johnson... The Cookie Lady... Marjorie is so funny and is such a great guess... people love her... and how much she talks...
Raheem DeVaughn...Interesting... some guy was painting a picture of Jay Leno during the song... It was R&B with positive message...
(Boyfriend got paid... going to Indian restaurant... will put up rest of pictures latter)

Later: We stopped by Rithy(who leaves for India tomorrow) and Phillis and Bon Bon's place... In February it's Chinese New Year and Red Bags filled with money is given to children!(Are they black children?... cause February is Black History Month...)Men talkedAte ice cream..We had Vietnamese cake... It was green and it was good! Have safe travels to India and return with curry and lots of gold!

Bon Bon----Hisss Hisss (I want you people to leave now!)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Did anyone tell Lindsay Lohan that Keith Ledger is not going to be at the morgue Lindsay is going to be working at?