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GloZell, Queen O, and the Elvis Show!

Dear , Jeff Zucker You look like my right Ta-ta just lighter with glasses...
no my left... it's bigger...

Jeff your knees should be worn out
on all of your pants, from
BEGGING Jay Leno to stay at NBC... I spent a day with multi millionaire professional and slightly crazy people who spoke
Arabic, German, French, Hebrew, Yiddish ( Who speaks Yiddish anymore?) and Elvis!
All I heard all day was (hack blahck yack Jay Leno... Untk le oof bak Jay Leno) That what is sounded like to me.... and I loved it...

The whole world knows and loves Jay!
He is a legend that anchors your network EVERY NIGHT!
By allowing him to leave your network... you are making the biggest mistake in Television History you For-eyed Tit!..
I have faith that you are not the Boob you come across Ass!
Make a wrong right...
Hello World I'm Jeff Zucker... King Of NBC and
about Jay Leno, The Tonight Show and Especially GloZell , NBC #1 Fan who has spent her days at NBC since July 2006 proving that we are the number one network with the most dedicated fans of all times....

(Until Jay Leaves)

Oh Jeffrey we all make mistakes.... just not Ass big Ass the one you're making


LoVe you like my left Hooter

Lets get together sometime I know a cute little place...

With the worst directions in the world... I met up with Queen O. and the adventures began...

I went to Queen O's house and she had a pile of minks coats, huge bed.
We went to her families restaurant "Pastries by Edie" Edie is Queen O's VERY successful sister who caters to all Hilton Hotels and they are flown to Japan and more.... ( Pastries By Eddie want to give Jay Leno a whole box of their one of a kind deserts)They were so nice to me... Because of you Jay! Thanks for being so wonderful... 21608 Sherman Way Canoga Park, Ca 91303 Catering- Bar Mitzvahs-Wedding Cakes- Parties ( Tell them GloZell from Jay Leno's Fan Club sent ya... it's all Delicious)

Queen O... Gloville ( she calls me Gloville) Elvis is on his way. Daaaarling..

GloZell --- ( yeah right)

GloZell--- Ooooooohhh my Gawd... It is ELVIS!
met and was serenaded by Elvis Presley... I was all shook up... I couldn't stop taking pictures of him ...
he was good!Elvis lives he is in the building...
He was good but I didn't freak out... Okay just a little bit ( He did Hunka Hunka Burning Love... What's a woman to do?)Elvis --- This CD is for you Mr. Leno... Thank you... thank you very much... I got complementary pies and sandwiches and smoothies and Elvis... Everyone was giving me cards and telling me about their show ideas.... I had a great time... Thank you Jay... Everyone loVes you! (818-366-8166) Elvis Live Show for all occasions....

I did my best to video tape Queen O... I would need a camera crew... a 24 hr. crew

Queen O. wants a mobile home to travel and had a great time.. like Paris Hilton's Simple Life

Queen O. lives for the day... Thanks Queen O. for sharing your life with me today....

I Had a interesting and fun time!