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Glo's Day 2 Without Boo...

This Boo-less morning... (Day 2 Without Boo)

Rithy, GloZell and Phyllis... Last night at Choza Mama

GloZell--- Lets go over to NBC... I haven't seen it all day.. PLEASE!
Yes! This is wonderful!... Doesn't this feel like home! Yeah! Let go of me! ... I must go inside... Can't wait a week! Boo are you in there? BOOOOOOOO!------------------------------------------------------------------------
This Morning...

What you are bout to see... Is GloZell in full blown... Tonight Show Blues...look at it... LOOK AT IT!... Do you want any one else to end up like this NBC?... Well DO YOU!

I fell down... I can't reach my Jay Leno Book... Serenity Now!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jeff Zucker.. ( I know I keep going back and forth with you... Do to the fact I'm going through Tonight Show with my Boo withdraws... I must take it out on someone... so Congratulations Zucky)

Dear Jeff Zucker (BALD) HEAD OF NBC

ZUCK YOU !( Without lubrication)

How many times has Jay been late to work? ( ZERO)

How many times has Jay called in sick? (ZERO)

What more do you want from an employee ? ( Blood and First Born... Mr. Rumple Foreskin)

By getting rid of Jay ( What Fool this Mortal Be!)

You are letting everyone else know with a contract

at NBC... that no matter how good the ratings,

how much money you make for the company, how loyal you are...


You are Poo with nuts! and Bits O' Corn! Ha...

(This message was brought to you in part from GloZell and her addiction to the Best Late Night Television Show = The Tonight Show with Jay Leno(My Boo)... and All of the World!...I know because I talk to the world everyday outside NBC... The loyal fans from all over the county that NBC don't care about...)

No hard feeling Jeff... Lunch?



G--- Mom Why did you beat pecans with a hammer 3AM in the morning?

M--- Who told you?

G---(There are only two people who live in the house)... Your other daughter DeOnzell

M--- Well... I was hammering softly...

G--- Yeah okay... Do you think Barack Obama is going to win?

M--- Yes... I think he will.

G--- You don't think he is going to get assassinated?

M--- No... I think it's time for a change... I think he is just white enough that there will be no problem...

G--- That's great!

M---People are tired of the war...

G--- ( You care about the war...but you De and you are having a Pecan Hammer Battle at home)

G--- Try to crack the pecan shells a little earlier like Midnight... if you can... if you can.

M-- Okay baby... luv ya... bye


Did you see Valerie Bertinelli all up on the People Magazine?

Valerie Bertinelli has lost weight on the diet program Jenny Craig! Valerie Bertinelli has admitted to using drugs in the past...(Valery Bertinelli career was in the past)

My question is... Why does a Crackhead... need a weight loss program?(That's pretty dumb) Maybe she didn't use crack One Day At a Time? Ha ha ha
I have seen a few accidents in my day... but this Van has been rolled way to many times....-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey Andrew from

Why did you photo shop Colin Farrell naked with a Rooster...

Wanted to see...

Colin's Cock did ya?

(you did a great job..)