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This was an amazing comment left on my Saturday's blog... Thanks Leslie S.

Leslie S. said...

To The Producers of the Jay Leno Show ...DON'T Let GLOZELL Be The "One That Gets Away"We can all remember that one relationship. Someone that we took for granted, someone that was just under our noses...that, once gone, we realize how terrific they really were.

Sometimes we realize this when we see them on the arm of another person, in this case I am concerned the producers of the Jay Leno show will only realize their "one" is so terrific when they see her on TV, telling another host about the two years she spent going to the Jay Leno Show and not getting ANY chance at all on the Jay Leno show.

You see producers, you have gotten a lot right, or someone with the intelligence and talent of GloZell would never promote your show, but you are getting one big thing wrong...and that's GloZell. I have known GloZell for almost 9 years.

I have assisted directed her in a show and worked alongside her as a producer in a musical group and in the promotion of a pilot. I have never met anyone that had the ability to bond with others so quickly, figure out people, and make them all laugh at the same time...sounds like someone that would make a great addition to the Jay Leno would think the Jay Leno producers would think so too. But unfortunately, what has happened is that those that are in charge have looked at GloZell incorrectly.

They secretly read her blog, and probably even chuckle while they read it, but out of fear, they haven't even given her a chance. They have done this out of fear. Instead of seeing the amazing comedian, actress, songwriter, and writer in front of them, they have chosen to stay afraid.

What a tremendous addition to the show it would be if GloZell were asked to contribute a few jokes to the opening monologue, or even write a clever song or rap spoofing some of today's current know you've laughed out loud when you have read some of her celebrity posts.

What if you were to just give her one minute to interview some of the attendees that wait in know she has the ability to pull out some of the funniest characters. I ask you producers, and Jay Leno...did anyone ever give YOU a chance? I bet somewhere along the way, they did. GloZell is the full package and she would add diversity, and a really unique wit to the show. Why don't you just give her a chance.

Ask her to write a skit or a song, or do an interview. Give her a few minutes on the stage...did you know she did the Groundlings, (where a lot of Saturday night live people started. ) Did you know she has her SAG card and a degree in Theatre, did you know she has done stand-up in some of the hottest comedy bars in LA? (GloZell, you can name the ones.) And all the while she still plays piano and sings in her church.

You see, she isn't going to the Jay Leno show because she doesn't have a life, she goes because she really loves the show...and because she is one of the wonderful people that really look for a life to be enjoyable ...she also goes as a brilliant way to get to know and be seen by people in the entertainment industry.

What a different story it would have been for a young Stephen know the story...he snuck in on the lots and found an empty trailer..told people he was a director..the rest is history.) What a different story it would have been for him if there hadn't been an empty trailer...he would have been the one that got away. You have that here with GloZell. It's only a matter of time.

America is ready for a talent like GloZell..and someday, she will remember Jay Leno and his producers as the ones who gave her a break, or the ones that didn't give her chance...the choice is really do you want to be known and remembered? Really look at her Blog. Instead of allowing your fear to influence your perception....I encourage you to see the brilliance in it.

GLoZell is like a sociologist and comedian rolled into one. Don't you see this? She is more than qualified to be on your show. Give her one chance. Remember when someone gave you a chance. Would it really hurt you? What if you just pretaped something and if you didn't like it, you don't need to use it..but give her the chance to show what she really has.

What if you just honored her for moment for going to over 100 episodes? GloZell has been in lots of plays, commercials, TV..she doesn't NEED to go to the show. She enjoys it. I know GloZell, and can vouch that she can really make people laugh with her wit and jokes.

I encourage anyone to read this to petition the producers of the Jay Leno show and Jay Leno to give GloZell a chance to do what she does....let her write a few blibs for the opening monologue...what could that hurt? If you don't like them, don't use them, but at least give her the chance to show you what she really has.

She is a great writer. Why don't you utilize her gifts to your advantage? You have seen how witty she is, just read her blog, but DON'T let this talented girl go another day without utilizing her gifts...there is a reason that she can meet total strangers everyday and they enjoy her, and tell her their stories.

I hope I have helped present a case for the talent that is GloZell. I am writing this only because I feel really frustrated that GloZell has given so much, and been so clever and creative, and hasn't been rewarded yet. Producers...Jay's up to you.... and GLoZell fans, let the producers know that you want her on the show in some capacity. Best!Leslie S. MA
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