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Glo for the Gold!

GloZell is in a meeting of the minds with the Scientologists... (I spell that right?) And will post as soon as they can bend her will to theirs, or vise Vera... (The Scientologists don't have a chance...)

Thanks Boyfriend... I'm back... Got done about 9.30 PM...
I will never say anything bad about Scientology ... EVER! They are very well organized and strong Religion. They were nice to me and I will like to keep it that way... Thanks

To understand this Scientology talk got to You Tube GloZell and the Scientologiest
When I saw him walking towards me " I'm glad that he's alive" and "I wonder what he knows"" I wonder if he is mad"

He sat down ( I was petrified!) He said...
Scientologiest said --- I read all the comments and none of it's true... no slave camps... I am just fine...
I didn't bring up that I got a call from someone... and he didn't either... FINE!... as long as he is alive and well that's that... I am very happy about that.

To keep things light I asked a few in the line " What kind of underwear do you think Jay Leno wears" this was sparked from the Pap who said that a picture of Jay Leno in his underwear will go for 5000 dollars... just having fun... ( I need the line more than they need me this week)

I said that Jay wears a thong!

Inside... I asked Jay Boxers or briefs and he said.. I were a Thong!
( Jay always looks at me like he hates me... I guess I am more of a bother to him. Don't worry this might not last to long Jay, Thursday will let me know what's my next step it depends on what the Doctors say about my mother...)

I got high fives and congratulations and a few " How did she know that?" " "What's going on there?" I didn't know what Jay was going to say... but I know that he is all man with a touch of freak.. Thongs it is ! I was right!

Tonight Show Biz...

I love Jay in his green tie... (My last name is green so it was cool)
Jay talked about a green funeral ( My dad had one of those... get it... he's a green... whatever)

The Go Green skit was funny...

First guest... Julia Louis-Dreyfus... looked great... the guy next to me said that she looks better now then on Seinfeld... it's true she looked flawless.... hot black tight dress and slamming black high heels... She was funny and I love her! Jason Segal... looks like he is the character from his movie " Forgetting Sarah Marshell".. he is tall and nerdy...very likable... clothes wrinkled and he clutched his jacket closed during the musical guest.. I love Jason Seagal and I have to see his movie because Russell Brand is in it, oh and I heard something about full frontal nudity by Jason Gold Frapp... was...the musical guest? They were the hottest of hottest messes I have ever seen... they would have been perfect if the Tonight Show with Jay Leno would have provided the audience with ACID... They look like they were beamed up from 1960 the Hippie years... I couldn't fine a anyone who liked it... You should have seen the faces on the audience... we all thought it was some kind of joke... the song went on and on about HAPPINESS... it was FOOLISHNESS.... I would like my 3 minuts of life back!

Kevin Eubanks has inspired me to do something I thought I never wanted to do... and that's help a brotha out... Kevin... that shirt you had on... NO... okay NO... the material was great... it clung to your heaving muscles...(Nice for Melinda your #1 Fan) but the print... was that clouds or did you have bleach issues... NO Kevin... just No... Solid Colors for you... no Charlie Brown shirt.. No bi-colored sweater with football sock rings on the wrist... SOLID COLORS... Help me... help you...

After the show...

I found two hot bikers! Skip and Cindy... Real Cool people!

YouTube Titles for this day : "I'm not talking religion","GloZell and the Scientologiest... Final Chapter".. "Does Jay Leno wear Boxers or Briefs" "I got a picture with Jay and my mother cried", and "Skip and Cindy ride free!"