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Welcome back Carter... from GloZell

GloZell ---- Can you please close the door
Boyfriend--- you need to ask me before I sit down

GloZell-- I shouldn't have to ask you... can you please please close the door every time you go to the bathroom
Boyfriend--- No I don't like the door closed.... ( plop plop fizz fizz)

Okay... this is dumb right? Am I over reacting? I don't want anymore negative situations in my life... this is ... ridiculous.. is it me?... should I just get over the bathroom door thing?

What other guy would deal with me going to the Tonight Show all the time?
I should just be grateful and not say anything but... it's a turn off ...

Do you know how hard it is to be turned off in a non sexual relationship? My life is strange!... I don't ask for money, sex, etc... just close the door to the bathroom...

Okay.. Now I should talk about myself...

I am very unorganized, sloppy, lazy, live in a fantasy world, I stalk the Tonight Show with Jay Leno , I need to go to Florida... but... I'm cute... that overrides the rest... ha ha ha

YES! Ross the Intern is going to be on DAYS of OUR LIVES! He is the luckiest girl in the world! Day's of our Lives... Ross is on right now on Fox 11 Good Day LA! Go Ross! Congratulations... ( Ross is inspirational and a good person so I wish much much success to him always!)

So many bad mean evil people become successful... all the time over and over and over... so when someone who has a great heart and is a wonderful person becomes successful... I will be in their corner...

In "GloZellLand" Ross and I are so BFF ( I look jacked up.. it's early)

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...

Former President of the United States and Peanut lover... Jimmy Carter Director of Ironman... Jon FavreauMusical Guest P. O . D.
GloZell's Ghetto Nude Review... ( no more Mile Cyrus for me!)

Last night Boyfriend asked me to take pictures of his play Bullshot Crummond so that's why I was late with my blog...

It was very funny the director is Vegetarian and has seen Jay's Garage ( Lucky!)

It's at Los Angeles Valley College Horseshoe Theater 8PM May 8,9,10,& 15,16,17 Reservations 818-947-2790 15$(General admission) 10$ Students/Seniors It was funny..

The sword fight ( this was rehearsal)my boyfriend is in the white shirt...