New Videos

Glo without a Trace!

The Tonight Show was great today!

John Melendez
and Ross the Intern has a show on NBC .Com you know that's gonna be fun to watch... Jay's monologue was hilarious they won't have to use laugh tracks today...


Jenna Fisher from NBC show "The Office" funny men love her..

Robert Schimmel... he had some good jokes worked in between some okay jokes... vickie (singer) was laughing so hard! It was great seeing her laugh (She doesn't like everyone) So I enjoyed her. Trace Adkins Country music star can be my Baby Daddy.. oh lawdy lawd was he fine!

Okay I have videos to get up... it is a great show to watch...

English men who went to the show yesterday... ( Why do I have side camel toe?)

Can I join the Office Club?

I enjoyed meeting people from my home town and my school UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA! Go Gators!