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GloZell Loves Robin Williams!

In line I met people from Florida, Greece, Germany, Black folks from Canada! ( they gave me a mango!)

Tonight Show Biz....

Today was a great show! Yes! ( The whole show not just bits and pieces like the rest of the week... watch the whole show)

Howie Mandel ( Melinda's man) Howie's hidden camera skit... is so funny!

Robin Williams is crazy, nuts, funny, A.D.D.! Hyper, and the best guest this week!

Robin was funny and had to be beeped... for saying the F word...

During the break... Robin Joined Vickie in singing " It's just a shout away".... Awesome!

Terence Howard is what ya call a cool looking dude... he is so smooth. Terence looks like he is from another time . He pulled off his outfit well.

of course Robin was apart of his interview which was good!

Something is going on with the Tonight Show Band... They sand " I feel like Busting loose"... Kevin was jamming... Smitty was the lead vocal but his mic wasn't on until the middle of the song.. and they still Jammed...

The Tonight Show band had always been good... talented... but it was mechanical... they all knew the song and they could pretend very well to be into it... but lately... They have been connecting or something... they are sounding and feeling good!

Hot Mad Hatter Musical Mess... Serj something and F.C.C..... ah no... they all had on top hats... the piano player didn't have a bench... they were wicked or something...
after the show I felt like I needed to get Baptized....

The lead singer wouldn't shake Jay's hand... Good for Jay

Tomorrow... Two Gidgits!
aaaahhhhh why !!!!!