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Let go my Clay Glo

Dear Jay

It's cold outside... but it's Monday... Time for Headlines!!!

I just can't shake the feeling that you are going to stay at NBC... I know that Conan is ( I can't admit that just yet) Conan was always funny the two times he was on the show... it's just... I have feelings for Boo ( That's you Jay)

The world loves you... and NBC I thought was the number one network...
Letting you go... is so obviously stupid... but I guess they know what they are doing.. I still love the network...

I had a busy weekend...


In the line... Grandmothers who are obessed with Clay Aikens

Thank you Clay fans... I have never felt so sexy, skinny, beautiful ,young and nice... in my whole life... I am a Beauty Queen Saint next to you people...

Mean, Old, Fat Claymates... they were mean and if you don't know Clay like they do ... then they don't like you.. You can buy Clay's new album at Hometown Buffet ! ha ha ha

The monologue was great ( wonderful job writers)
Jay talked about fat people ( hey if you are mad at me fat people be mad at Jay also along with your cholesterol count) What made Clay's fans ugly was there personality... Fat people are suppose to be jolly!

Headlines was funny also...
Jack Black was low key... still funny... and fat! ( Jack must be a Clay fan)
Clay's interview was cute... Clay was funny... interesting interview... and I love that he is ticked at his High School teacher who kicked him out of a school play... ha ha
When Clay crossed the stage to go sing... Claymates were screaming " I love you Clay"
He didn't even wave.. ha ha !
Clay ( who is as straight as Rupaul) the Claymates were talking about that ( he is gay and it's fine... that explains his talent... all gay men are talented!)

Clay has a great strong voice... I loved his song... and I love him in spite of his crazy grandparent fans...... ( Clay has a new look)... it sucks cheese... not a good look I like Clay.. not his fans... ( 50 isn't old I was being nice) Clay is 29... interesting fans

I enjoyed the Margarita family who comes to the show quite often... they are fun and didn't know who Clay Atkins was... See ya next time...