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Heeeeey Boo!

Good morning Boo Bear ( That's you Jay)...
Have a great show ...

Oh Wolfman isn't allowed to do his song " Natalie Natalie" in the lobby before the show... I thought this was the best news ever... but now... he talks and it's so much worst...

When he sang... people thought it was funny and some have asked to hear it. But he won't do it outside because it's not quiet enough and the Carson Daily Show let's Wolfman sing on stage and gives him T-Shirts when he sings it on their stage.

Now that he is a Divo it would be ( I can't believe I am saying this) nice if Wolfman can sing it again either on the stage with John Melendez or in the lobby... some people have seen him perform it on my You Tube ( Wolfman sings Natalie Natalie) and it's a hype before we walk in... who knew?
A special Take Care to Amy who had her last day yesterday! Amy was a model Page... who always changed her hair, looked great in her stockings and heels... I always thought that Amy was fun and professional her personality and hard work paid off. Amy has an amazing job at the Game Show Network!
I wish you well.. Proud of ya kiddo!