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Barack GlObamma

Barack Obama Rally at Liemert Park... Saturday 7-28-08
Gay and Lesbians for Barack Obama... ( sorry for the horrible camerawork... I met people who are terrified to be on film so I met someone who I knew didn't want the camera on them but my camera was running when they came up to me so the camera was running then I went to the Lesbian and finished the interview... at this time I do not know how to edit so... )

Bearnard Parks Former Chief of Police

I don't know how Barbara Walters does this...This mother was in IRAQ fighting for our country... and in America ... her son... football player... good grades... never been in a gang... shot on his street....

You can't be too cute for Energy Work ( I met a positive energy worker... so she looked out after me out there because so many people were coming up to me some saw"Ghetto and Straight Lace" she was like my Fairy Godmother every one thought we were related Thanks)
She tried to uncross every one's energy!

Barack Obama Volunteers Drink... Mona*Vie and some drink something else?
Wow I love this band... People's Party( The

Barack Da Vote... Uncle Sam Jet Set and Barack Obama Boy...

I didn't find one person who watched the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... everyone knew who he was and that he is a nice guy... and NBC is going with Conan O'Brien?... NBC you are going whiter?...

I don't get it... you need to have more variety in your late night programming... it's a different time and you are going backwards... NBC use to be the trail blazer... Diane Carroll, The Cosby show... you need a Latino show, Asian show,another Cosby type show, a Latino game show host... and Asian host of a America got Talent type show... something!

Look at Oprah (black)... The View(black (D), Italian,(D)black(D) young white,(R)old white) Ellen(Gay), Tyra (black/slightly ghetto) ,Chelsea Handler (Female, Jewish and out there with a midget), Jimmy Kimble(Jewish), Craig Ferguson (?)etc.

There are millions of people who you are not even trying to reach ... color watch color

I met plenty of people who watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson regularly.."I remember when the Rat Pack was on... Sammy Davis Jr.... Or Bill Cosby...

So Jay... think about what kind of show you are going to have... are you going forward... or backwards...


At the Rally some guy gave me some incense... I said No thank you but he insisted! The guy was just a grinning ... (wonder what's wrong with him)

Sunday I could smell the incense when I picked it up... I saw why the guy was grinning so... can you see the original name?
Sunday when I left for church... a random Tub' O puppies outside... no sign... no water? Peek-a-boo look the dark one showing others how to escape...My church has a dog friendly 5:30 PM Service ... this is Bentley

I met up with my pal Wally Wingert ( Famous Voice Over Talent) who is sooooo happy he got his Captain Kirk Pants for his Star Trek costume... he is going to the Dark Shadow convention... Wally is so funny! ( I am going to pa-tay at his place while he's gone... ha ha by party I mean chillax in his pool and play with his pets)