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Dear NBC

Okay... I can't sleep... because NBC is making the biggest mistake of My life! ( and the fact that police helicopters are flying around)

Dear Dumb Decision making NBC... ( No Business Company)

Why... WHY are you letting the best thing at your company go?...

Jay Leno is a living legend and if you stupid (Executives/ Presidents )of NBC Don't you have something else to do besides ruing my life? and your own company?...

Barack Obama is the only change this world needs...

Dear Jeff Zucker,(President of NBC) ( Why take a picture when clearly you are constipated)

I can't stand your evil bald short Napoleon acting troll looking self...
( I have to put a face to my anger and guess what? it's you Boob!)

I know since you are part midget your arms are short ( How short are they?)
Jeff Zucker's arms are so short he has to sit in order to masturbate... HA!

Is that what you are doing instead of coming up with new contracts and keeping Jay! You nasty George Costanza looking... (already used up troll,boob...hmmm) Pygmy Frog !( that's right GloZell just make up a name... keep going)

Listen Jeff Dwarf... why don't you get off you high ... I mean Toy Pony and do something!
You... you... tiny... smurf! (no not mean enough)

You ugly acting round behind with a freakishly tall beautiful wife

(That you only got because you have money and you are trying to prove something to all the guys and girls who bullied you growing up ... we all know that... and by tall I mean freakishly tall for you ... what is she about... 4'11)... knee cap face!

(Yeah...that was low... HA)

Okay... I will let you go now Mr. Jeff Zucker...

I know you have to go put holes in your pants pockets, so you can run your fingers through you hair...

Have a great day Jeffrey and God Bless,
Angry Fan of Tonight Show with JAY LENO!-----------------------------------------------------------------

Okay clearly I shouldn't sleep blog... wow... " I woke up wondering if I wrote what I wrote"

Sorry Jeff Zucker just bitter because everyone at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... will have a new show to go to... I have to go to Florida... so I'm just bitter!


Sexy Vegan was in line... it was great seeing her again! ( I have two more videos to go up on this day... so please check later tonight or tomorrow... thanks)

Some even had X Files Dolls

We had a great time...

Today was Gillian Anderson from the the TV Series and the New Movie X Files!

There were happy lesbians everywhere! Girl Power!....

It was a good show...

The monologue was hot! Hilarious...very good!

Gillian Anderson was very pregnant and very pretty and sexy... her dress was purple but on the tv screen it looked Royal Blue... I found her to be funny, humble ... Jay tried to crack on her... but she won! Gillian topped Jay and that was funny...

She never was a obvious beauty to me on the show... but today... wow she is stunning.... I just might get into watching Movies... now that Jay will be leaving... on May 29th... Ahhhhhhhhh.... ( I still love NBC ( Jeff Zucker also)but I will be ticked off for a long time!)

The Band The Duke Spirit... thanks for being fun, funky different, lively and good!

The lead singer was a skinny blonde woman with gold two piece with black hot pants and patten leather boots... I see so many band and I appreciate "The Duke Spirit ' keeping my attention, being entertaining