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Leslie Seidel makes GloZell some milk

Leslie -- GloZell I am off from work today ,so come on over for the milk I said I would make for you...

Got Milk?

I do and Leslie made if for me... oh the things females do to stay healthy... she made it out of almonds..

Does it taste good?

Leslie Seidel --- GloZell I have some raw chocolate... you can try some but it's nasty...
GloZell --- Nasty Chocolate? Naw... ooh yuk!

Try some young coconut... it is so good for you..

Leslie.. um you might be taking this health thing further than I care to go right now...

Leslie --- Oh try it GloZell

This don't look like coconut... it's like white jello... I don't mean to be ungrateful but ... YUK

Try it GloZell it's good for you
Hey that's good... (Told ya)... Leslie... you are healthy and great!Now I will make you a salad... Grapefruit, hemp seeds,tomatoes, mix greens (your name sake) cucumber, raw pumpkin seeds, fresh garlic, green pepper, raw cashews, olive oil, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (Hey I met Mrs. Patricia Braggs) Goji berries. avocado.. it's so good for you... Thanks Leslie... Just two Florida Gals.... ( man I still need to shave my arm pits)Thanks Leslie for taking the time to show me how to continue to stay healthy... it was great, filling and fun!
We are going to stay as young as your mother... Good Genes!


You Tube listing( Leslie you already have three stars) " Make your own milk... By the Beautiful Leslie Seidel" and "Make Your own milk... with Sexy Seidel"