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Free Food at the Tonight Show!

(Friday Night) After the play ( I'm in It's a Wonderful Life)... I went home... it's the third day and it's time to have a mouse funeral... I was dreading it...

OMG!... mouse not there... on the third day... HE IS ARISEN!
Go and Tell the Good News he is not here... the trap has been rolled away...
it's a Christmas in October miracle..


Did his Mousciples come and get him?... Is he still here?...


he had freed himself and died on the carpet... What kind of Crap Traps did landlady buy?
Great... I can't deal with this...
I'm standing like " Now what... I got to pick him up?... I don't have a shovel... this is gross!

My Virgin hasn't called? He is at some stupid car show out of town... what is so fascinating about cars?( sorry Jay)... PK can't send a sister a text?... maybe he is praying for forgiveness from our kiss... Great... just great!

PK could at least be man enough to call so I can ignore him!

Awwww I get nothing I want!
Phone Rings

Eye --- I have been calling your giant ass all day...
G --- Oh hey... What's up?

Eye--- How was Bill Maher?
G--- It was great... Bill Maher is real amazing

Eye--- Well let me tell you what your Mutha F*ker did today
G--- Oh you went to the Tonight Show?

Eye-- We were number 10 on stand by and That F*ker passed out free meals to Acapulco( don't know how to spell it... the Mexican restaurant across the street from the Tonight Show)
G--- WHAT?

(can never catch Eye when he first starts talking... have to try to lead him back but it never works... he is funny... but I can't catch him)gij

Eye --- Jay Leno is the Mutha F*ker
G--- I so hate you right now.... glad yawl had a great time... wow the whole audience

Eye--- The whole F*ker... I was calling you Miss Burbank I wanted you to meet my cousins... I told them you were just as stupid as I am... man we got hats and everything

G--- WHAT? I think you are way stupider than I...
Eye --- No I saw your booty commercial on You Tube... that was some funny Shit!

G--- Thanks... How was T.I.?
Eye --- He was cool .. only did one song... We were looking for your nappy headed friend ... they must keep her in the back... they need to fire her...

G --- And what good would that be... the goal is for her to get a job

Eye --- Aw Ms. Burbank.... earlier we was at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and I order GloZell's Booty and syrup... had everyone laughing... I have been talking about your booty all day

G--- You are so stupid!... I have to always have pen and paper when you call... I can't capture your funniness ... you need a show

Eye--- Naw you are the star... I can take out my dick and can do the Booty and Dick Tour

G--- Stupid... so stupid
Eye--- You cool we going to hang

G--- I have to learn how to edit my videos... I am going to have the camera rolling the whole time I'm with you...
Eye -- The world can't handle me... bye Booty... I do want to go to Bill Maher show

G--- Yes! Great! We will go... Thanks for calling ... glad you had a great time... I hope Jay gives out gifts all the time and spend up all NBC's money

Eye -- Do you blame the Niggah he needs to spend all their Shit up Miss Booty...

G--- No I don't blame him... I hope he does ...

Eye-- What you doing tomorrow ( Saturday)
G-- I am hiking... going to a lesbian wedding then doing the play

Eye-- Glad you and your booty not moping around because of the Tonight Show... keep busy
G--- Thanks Eye... I will... bye stupid
Eye--- Bye Stupid
(we hang up the phone)

Wow... the whole audience... good work Tonight Show with my Boo!... my people had a great time!

Okay... I'm leaving ... can't stay here tonight ... I am going to deal with this mouse just not tonight... got to get out of the hood...


booty and syrup... that guy is funny!

I can never catch Eye when he is being so funny...


Went hiking today (Sat... left a dirty text to PK ... I'm so evil ha ha ha)

PK text.. Had a great time coming back today!

I hope PK doesn't want to come over tonight... the time he was suppose to come over " Night of the mouse"

Earlier the mouse day I was driving home and guys in the street... getting ready to shoot each other because one guy looked at another guys girl... but "PK (Preachers Kid/cute Virgin) wants to chill at my place... he's crazy