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It was a beautiful Wedding

Eye--- Why are you going to a lesbo wedding?

GloZell--- I've known them for years and they have always been nice to me and I was happy to be invited..

Eye--- Who sang... Boy Gorge? (singing) Kama kama kama kama kama ka-me-lion... you come and go you come and go oh oh oh...

GloZell--- Are you through?

Eye -- No for real who was there?... Rosie , Ellen Degeneress?

GloZell--- Friends and family... I wasn't sure what to expect... I hadn't been to one... it was a wedding... like anyone else... two people... at a church... I wish I could stand next to someone I could spend my life with... everyone was crying...

Eye--- I wanted to come to the wedding with a strap on and dry hump you during the service and while they cut the cake just stand with my strap on and see if anyone notices

G--- Why are you so stupid! I would never take you anywhere ..... What did you do today?

Eye--- Went to garage sales... fighting with Mexicans over white folks shit... what I do every Saturday... you can find some great stuff... just have to fight a few Mexicans...

G--- I will go with you... sounds fun.... but I'm not fighting Mexicans over nothing.. I am determined to blog you... you are nuts!

Eye--- You run into the same people... it's fun... If you take out your camera I am going to take out my dick you can blog my nuts all you want

G--- Stupid... you need help... I got to get ready for my play...

Eye--- I have to say Glo Tits... you always doing something... I think I'm going to call you everyday... just to see what you are doing... plays, lesbian weddings, more interesting than going to the Tonight Show all the time... are you dating anyone?

G--- We don't even have time now to go into that... nothing is better than the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.... call you later... thanks for keeping up with me...

Eye--- Thanks for your Titties

GloZell--- You need so much help... bye nutcase

Do to the fact that one of the beautiful brides job doesn't approve of gay marriage and doesn't know... this is all I feel I should put up... just know that two people who have been together for over 20 years got married and I wish them many more..

Food was great!Lots of people supported

two weeks ago... someone I know that knows both brides said " If the gays are allowed to get married... then one day people will want to marry animals we have to stop this now"...

I bet people use to say that about black people... Human rights are Human rights ... Right?

Are you serious... glad I'm not like that?

Vote No Prop 8 (if you are voting)