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Sara Palin on Saturday Night Live!

Let me recap my weekend shall I?

Friday girl from my Christmas play I call her smirk... ( All the other girls look cute... but I look like I should be selling syrup! )
Smirk--- GloZell what did you do this week?

GloZell --- You wouldn't believe me... I was security for soft porn

Smirk--- I want you to follow me and make me laugh...

we talk and I show her my pictures ( I have some that I just can't put up on my blog)
I tell her that I didn't judge them ... Porn Stars are people too...

Smirk tells me that she doesn't think she is pretty... and she wishes her boobs were bigger

I tell that she is pretty and her boobs are fine! they are perfect... it's true she is a very cute girl
Smirk is sober from drugs and parting... she wants to go to church with me and try on my blonde hair.... but she can't on Sunday so I told her about our mid-week service...

we weren't talking about church at all ... we were talking about the life of Porn Stars?... so I will make the trip back to that side of town on a Weds to go to Church with Smirk... Smirk also wants to go to a Vegan restaurant.... ( I gave her my number and I hope she shows up... she can help a lot of young people turn their life around)
Young lady who is into Tarot Cards , Crystals etc.

she has the Crystal and she is asking it questions... I call her Stick

Stick --- Let me see your hand
G--- okay?
Stick --- Ask whatever you want to know
G--- Am I going to marry PK (Yes) in 2011? (no) 2010 (yes)
Are we going to have kids? (Yes)
A boy (yes) a girl (yes)

Is there someone else better for me (yes)
Will I ever work with Jay Leno... ( yes)

it was fun... it tells you what you want so... interesting...
I helped this Theater Actress learn her music for a audition she gave me chocolates... (not Vegan gave them away) so nice...
I talked to PK... he seems to think that I am high Maintenance... and maybe ( I'm guessing ) that he feels like he can't support my lifestyle... he is nuts... Tina Turner concerts, new hair?

PK... might be trying to figure out if I'm a gold digger or he is poor... a Poor Virgin!!!!
I try to dress nice but I don't know what he means... I was watching the show "The Pick Up Artist" this dumb looking guy who trys to help nerds get women...
PK... acts just like them... don't know what to say to women... I think I should just give up... I can't guess what he is really thinking for the rest of my life...

Saturday I go hiking by myself...

la la la... I notice a rabbit where I have never seen a rabbit before usually they are towards the end of the trail...

I stop... " hey cute bunny bunny" look up...

why is that dog not on leash... hmmm that dog just came from up the mountain... the dog turns towards me

COYOTE!!!! we lock eyes... I am terrified but I don't show it... I just backed up thinking
I should never do white people activities without a white folk... never again!

I call my mother and tell her about the coyote. ... Sunday she calls with her "Prayer group" they really just eat and play cards in the name...
on the phone

" We lift up Sister Green... we thank you Lawd that the hound didn't devour our (what's her name?... GloZell) GloZell... thank you Jesus... she didn't die at the hands of the vicious beast... hallelujah.. (where's the hot sauce?)... thank you ( smack smack) they go on and on and start singing... we shall (chomp chomp) over come...

G- Mom where are you?

Mom --- At Hometown Buffet

G-- (of course) Thanks Mom... thanks ghetto prayer group... I will talk to you later... love you... bye

How was your weekend?

( I have been getting calls,emails, text from people who are no longer going to watch or go to the Tonight Show (not all but some) I'm not going to stay up and watch the show... they are doing fine...

plus NBC is going to have a 17 year famine... you will see no mater how great the show line up is.. NBC can give Sara Palin her own show... doesn't matter... they will lose money unless they do right by the employees/fans who have been good to them for years... NBC has time... watch)
(Sara Palin was awsome on SNL! )

Remember ... Today is the last day to register to vote in California

(No to Prop 8 so all can marry ... yes to Prop 2 humane treatment of farm animals )