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Tina Turner Concert....

I have been enjoying "Operation Keep GloZell Happy because NBC kicked her out of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno like a dog" or


Thank you all my friends who have called, texted, left comments on blog and You Tube... most from people I met at the Tonight Show... some I have never met... Thanks!

CK--- who is a waitress ( and a very good one at that) took her hard earned money and bought us both tickets to TINA TURNER.... wow such an uplifting time....

I use to get that OMG! feeling every time Jay Leno came out to shake hands with his audience... I never got tired of that it was like " I am really hear"...

Tina Turner floor seats were 800 each... and Jay Leno Las Vegas tickets 500 Jay charge more!

Oh... interesting that Jay Leno is advertised on my blog by google at the top (thanks) but yet I can't go to his show... or walk on the sidewalk... thanks NBC ... your welcome Jay Boo

CK--- before the show CK bought dinner... Thanks
A Programme... sure get one.... What? 30 Dollars! How bout I take a picture of it Tina!

Wow... I'm excited... YEA!Tina's... Tee Tee May I take a picture with your expensive programme?It's my birthday... I'm 50... and tipsy.... love TINA! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is there anything better than drunk white people dancing... I say no... I had a great time

Tina is amazing!Tina is FIRE and so was her set...Jay Tina is 68 will be 69 in November... and packed that place with all kinds of people.... Jay you are only 58 still a baby... your best years are still to come! (Don't forget that Boo!)

Tino Turner! You Go Bro!


During the intermission... Mom called told me to say hi to Tina .... Maurice called... he use to come to the T.S. line for hours then leave without going to the show... I texted PK (Virgin married to Jesus)

G--- I'm your Private dancer...

PK--- A dancer for money?... ha ha ha :P

PK is so funny usually he wouldn't comment back when it's not a wholesome text


The white guy was giving us the play by play of the Doggers game... and my black people behind me were from Belize... we had funny fun fun!
I Love you Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Fly Tina ... Fly Honey Chile'

Thank you thank you thank you ... for thinking of me Simply the Best! Remember... Always find a reason to smile... that will take you through the toughest mile!


When I picked up my computer from my other friends house... the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was on... the band was singing a new song.... Jay Looked great...

Selma Blair and her Twinkle Twinkle little dress why Selma? .... yep... the Tonight Show needs me and my smart mouth... I shall start watching the show on TV like the week ... I'm back! love you Tonight Show with my Boo but...


Oprah was good today... where do you stand on Prop 2? more humane ways of handlling farm animals... vote yes