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Friday still feeling kind of sad... because it was good by really to PK or the thought of PK who I met at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... that was suppose to be my happy ended at least after spending two years loving that show everyday...

but ... that didn't happen...

I am going to see a screening that Fightn' Mad Mary's friend did and I invited Robert 2/Father... lets just call him R2

I text to Mary

G--- I forgot to check my email for the directions tonight... still thinking about stupid PK and Stupid GloZell

PK--- ???

Oh no I sent that text to PK... OMG... ah whatever...

G-- Hope you have a great day... don't worry about that text...

PK--- I'm leaving Ivan Gearge Asap.. I seek a better social and living environment

G--- That's great... I sure you will do well
PK -- U want me to leave you alone? Is that what I'm hearing?

G--- I want someone who wants me... I don't ask for much... and I give all I can but... I wanted you to want me ... but... I am not the one for you... your friends are interesting but... they are going to keep doing the same thing over and over... can't be apart of that

PK--- I hear that Whitney Bodyguard song playing in the air (sad face in red)

PK-- Though compassionate towards my crazy friends, I can't remain with some of them. Aside from this, if u don't want to be friends, OK (sad blue face)

G-- We can be friends... cool

PK -- Friends with no benefits =p

G- Right... I didn't get any benefits.. ( you hand sanitizer chinchilla lover!)
PK... I totally understand. U just sucked the blow pop too good I guess =D Every man's dream

G--- Yea... thanks (?)

PK ----- I am truly sorry for offending you. We should have had no sex at all and things wouldn't have become so confusing.

G--- Trust and believe I am not confused... wear a condom... yep that's is as simple as it can get... I'm not confused ( anymore)

PK --- I didn't say YOU or I are confused. But rather the SITUATION. Abstinence and integrity are the CHRISTIAN way, not condom. Flesh is weak

(this guy is totally nuts... totally nut!.. The next guy I go out with will be a born again HEATHEN)

G-- God Bless you

PK--- I do LOVE and RESPECT, and APPRECIATE you GG! You are an ORIGINAL , LOVING and SPECIAL friend....

G--- Bye ( All lies)

I was just blah... didn't want to go to the movie thing... didn't want to see R2... I mean I just can't switch from one guy to another( well ya did movie hoe) ... I shed a few tears...

I mean this new guy... knows nothing about "MY TODAYS AT THE TONIGHT SHOW"... and I never mention Jay... What was it all for? Two years... Who am I now?... nobody

Phone rings

PK--- Hey I'm in Burbank

PK just starts talking about work like nothing ever happened ... I just laughed in my head... he is trying to be this Christain that finds all the loop holes and grey areas... HA

at the Screening of SINGLES at Raleigh Studios Hollywood...

I was nervous that Mary wouldn't like R2 ... or R2 would think I'm so beneath him... he deals with movies on the big screen and... I don't know...
I met Mary's friend TONYA and TOM ( LOVE THEM)
I met Cheryl Hines from Curb your Enthusiasm... My Home Girl
R2 was very kind... on time... went out to a resturant... charming... he didn't eat but he paid for my meal and I got to keep the change... totaly different from PK...

(Cheryl Hines and Tom... The Three Divas!!!)

I would like to say thanks to Fightn' Mad Mary and her Husband for letting me use their computer...

R2 hasn't called since that night... hmmm...
Jimmy Crack corn and I DON'T CARE

it's Sunday and R2 Called... said he has been busy and he will be free after Tuesday... YEA!(not that I cared or anything... hee hee hee)