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Disney's Dr. Syn...

At Glamour.con... there was a Animation convention going on upstairs that Wally wanted to go to ... he told the people who he was (the voice on several cartoons Family Guy... Bleach) They gave him VIP Treatment... I was way to tired to go to another convention on the same day...
Linda went... I stayed downstairs... Sunday a group of us went to Wally's to watch Disney's Dr. Syn... The Scarecrow... but first Wally didn't have Vegan food so he told all of us to meet him at the grocery store...We piled the cart up with any snack we wanted... It was so cold... Hot Lips and I warmed ourselves at the roasted chicken heater...then Wa Wa ordered pizzaI ate my Vegan food...Hey Spooky!We are ready for the movieI always have something in my teeth Hot LipsSexy LyndaMANMovie was a little scary... Waaaa haaa haaa haaa

Remember all of our Veterans... may our Armed Forces come home safe and in sound mind to a heartfelt welcome