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Glo is a no go

Hey everybody, It's Fightin' Mad Mary here guest blogging for GloZell.

GloZell was on her way to Florida this morning, starting at 6am when she arrived at the Burbank Airport. She got on the plane and made it to her first destination, Phoenix. She changed planes for her next destination - Las Vegas. Yes, she had TWO plane changes in order to get to Florida - it was a cheap ticket so she didn't mind a little inconvenience all she needed was to get to Florida.

The problem started this morning when a freak snow storm hit Las Vegas. GloZell's US Airways plane sat on the tarmac for an hour and then they finally announced that they wouldn't be flying to Vegas. Uh oh. GloZell gets to a ticket counter to try and get on different flights going to Florida.

US Airways wasn't very helpful with her situation. They were able to book her on a flight to Orlando - on Friday!!! That's right, she has to wait for two days in Phoenix for a flight to Orlando. US Airways offered to put her on a standby flight tomorrow to Tampa, but that's a two hour drive from Orlando and GloZell doesn't think that her sister will pick her up that far away.

US Airways then offered to fly GloZell back to Burbank, but her ticket to Florida will be null and void - she considered this option for a quick minute, but she decided to wait it out in Phoenix. US Airways will not put her up in a hotel and they aren't even offering her food vouchers. Airport food is expensive y'all! That's not cool.

I'm really upset by the situation that US Airways has put GloZell in. I really feel that at the very least they should of sent her back to Burbank and booked her on different flights - why make the girl live in an airport for two days? Or I think they could have booked her on a different airline, but they refused to do that too.

I get texted updates from her from time to time - the last one said that she was playing with some German kids and making friends. That's just like GloZell to make the best out of such a horrible situation.

Anybody going to be in Phoenix in the next two days? Go visit GloZell at the airport!

12/18 9:45am Edited to add:

I just texted GloZell and I haven't heard back from her, maybe she's lost battery power, maybe she's on a plane, either way I hope to find out soon. I did hear from a friend of mine that he's also stuck in Phoenix! How crazy is that! He posted this photo just this morning on his Facebook page -

Looks like my two stranded friends have lots of company!
I'll post more updates as I get them.