New Videos

OMG.... Did you miss Me!!!! I missed Yaw'll

I just left the Geek Squad and Sprint...

In a week I shall try to cover...

* Florida Family ... Mom thinking I dance in my draws with boots on You Tube
* Preparing for the Inauguration.... Vaseline
* The Inauguration... Freezing cold
* My Sister trying to comb my nappy hair
* Zora Neal Hurston Festival.... Ghetto James Brown
* Awesome date ... (with a twist)
* Police called on me mother upset because I was accused of Grand Theft Auto.... In front of date

* Get back to California... and my Landlady has been arrested and is in jail


I am going to down load what seems like years of pictures and videos... so I'll be back I will start fresh tomorrow ... meanwhile... does this look like me? My mother thinks so