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American Idol Taylor Hicks is Teen Angel in Grease!

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Sunday Cindy planned a great day of Subway traveling, We are here!!!!!The show was fantastic...AHHHHHHHHHHHH Taylor Hicks... why did I cut off his head!Bye Taylor.... Your the one that I love... ooh ooh ooh!Art told me where to go and where to wait for Taylor... Thanks!Had such fun!!!!
in the subway going back this guy was out of his mind and walked up on us... I said" I plead the blood of Jesus over us" and just kept saying Jesus Jesus over and over and he backed up and froze... (The name of Jesus will stop any bad spirit)Then we went to Alcapulo for dinner... next to NBC across the street from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... my old stumping grounds... How nice is Taylor Hicks... LoVe him