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Collodial Silver turns "Family Guy" blue...

( I got a new follower... WELCOME! sounds weird to say follower huh?)

Saturday... Cindy gave me a Christmas gift... out of the blue... and out of season...lolIt was a Dreamgirls CD ( haven't seen it... cool) a Steve Harvey book... and a three piece knit set... you know people don't have to do anything for anyone... so nice when... out of the blue do something so nice... ( I can't let my friends down... I will return the favor)

I was wearing the shoes she got me last year.... (Stop with the feet already!)

This is my awesome friend of a few years Brent ... I will tell you his amazing story in about two week... it's "Wonder"ful...( hint hint )

after my friend Wa Wa and I were done praying

Wally reached in his pocked and pulled out... nuts he carries just in case he runs into a squirrel ( FUN FACT: GLOZELL prays and chants everyday (most of my friends do and I have my own ghettos service) Wa WA had to ride in my car while his car was getting fixed... ( I'm not that bad of a driver WALLY!)
Wally found a squirrel

At Wa Wa's

Wally--- Hey GloZell... look at my new Star Trek shirts...( Wally has so many costumes, masks and more wigs than I do... I could tell you more about Wa Wa's place .... but you wouldn't believe me)

Wally --- GloZell try on this costume... ( Wally in Captain Action Hat, Star Wars Costume and a giant Squirrel...ha ha ha Wally is so funny)... Send the picture to your new Boyfriend

I am not going to show him this picture... ( This will be my before picture.. I will retake 40 pounds smaller)

Wally you are coughing ... you need me to go to Mr. Wisdom and get you some Colloidal Silver

Wally---- I make my own...

GloZell--- Stop lying

Wally --- I do .... Look I really do


may I put on your gun holster ( Gosh GloZell suck in your gut or get some support draws)

give me both of them ( Fightin' Mad Mary, Wa Wa and I are going to a shooting range... never been) What's Up Yo

I'm gonna get you mutha sucka...

Adam West called... ( Adam was Batman on TV!)(How cool... Wa Wa and Adam both work on Family Guy... I got to talk to him... cool)

Chuck McCann who goes to the Playboy Mansion... almost everyday... and tells the best stories! and cute friend Pixie

Wa Wa is PlayBoy Bunny Bridget's Voice Over coach (girl on the right) and was on Girls Next DoorGolly Gee Batman.... with GloZell it's Always an adventure...



SK --- How was your day?

This question can take hours to answer because it amazes me what can go on in one day... this day wasn't planed at all except the praying part but gifts, hanging out with Wa Wa , Chuck and Pixie just happened...

SK talk for hours like we do every night

G--- Hmmm I'm getting a text

TEXT--- Hi, GloZell (red kiss face) Haven't talked with you in a while. I hope you're doing well. I've missed you! PK

SK--- Something wrong...


SK--- You ok Glo?

G--- Yes... PK ... ( Why PK? WHY... now... oh he misses me now... ) texted

SK--- The guy who didn't come to see you before you left for the Obama Inauguration? He was stupid... his loss... What did you like abou him anyways?

G--- Yeah... ahhh... um...he' s... white ... ahhh... I ... guess I was trying to salvage something... from two year at the... ahhhhhhhhhhh Tonight Show... but ...

SK --- Okay... he doesn't need to text you ... I'm the best guy for you and I will never mistreat you ...

G --- ( They all say that... time will tell) Thanks... you are the best guy that has ever like me... ( Why didn't PK just ... whatever)

so SK and I talked about something else for a few more hours....

Good nite SK


PK --- I miss you

G --- I'm doing well thanks...( WHY WHY WHY WHY !)

PK -- Hope to see you soon

G -- I have a boyfriend now

PK -- I wasn't saying that... Roo was. I tried to tell him about your bf but he said it wasn't about that. I'll never figure that little guy out

PK--I really need a she-chiilla this year for Roo ( his chinchilla) He misses you (Red kiss face) Nite dear. I Miss you

G--- Roo will be happy... I hope all is well with you... tell Roo I miss him...

PK --- I'm listening to Christmas music... Starbucks sale $3 .99(smiley face)

G--- Um.. that's great...( people are in the Christmas mood all year round)... nice feeling I guess

PK ---- Roo's been asking about conjugal visits with you ( red kiss face) He sends his love

G--- Ha ha ha... I'm sure the right girl will come along...

PK --- Don't be a stranger GG ( purple winking smiley face)

G -- Love always

PK --- Love always

I don't get it... don't have to... SK is normal ( I think) and nice to me so... that's that

went to bed and dreamt about SK making me breakfast in his little robe, wide stance, sexy legs and ashy white ankles/feet ( so glad SK doesn't read my blog... I would be in trouble...HA!)