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A Dash of Trash... GloZell and Leslie save the Earth

Leslie and I are into taking care of the Mind, Body, and Spirit... Leslie is really good at itnow we are adding... the EARTH!
Leslie had a brilliant idea to visit a landfill... and of course I said yes... never been....

I was thinking that it was going to be trash everywhere stinky... Thought people were going to be picking up bottles... you know like Slumdog Millionaire and those 80 cents a day "Save the Children" commercials

Well everything is beautiful in California... even the TRASH --- This was our day!

GloZell waiting for Leslie

At Leslie's new apartment in the Mountains... see her Magical Creation Box... coolCalabasas Landfill ( somehow... Leslie and I thought we should still look cute)You have to pay to dump your trash... even if it's one bag so this is not the place for one householdKurt was sooo nice... ( average pay 75 Thousand a year)he told us that trash makes methane gas and so pipes are used to capture the gas so it wont' mess up the ozone and the gas energy is used by Edison... wow didn't knowGreen Waste is... lumber, trees, plants... green stuffI forgot to ask... don't know what a Sukut isBob was our tour guide... the landfill is losing money... people are not buying houses... not making as much trash... the landfill has downsized... today they received 1000 tons of trash and the lowest they want is 1400 ....Calabasas Landfill is only good for 13 more years... in 15 years no more landfills in California!... people will be charged more for their trash to be dumped in the desert....GloZell with White Trash... (been there done that) White Trash are old refrigerators... they are striped for the metalIt was pretty out there... Calabasas landfill covers the trash everyday so no animals dig around then they put grass over it... no smell Leslie and I up on a tractor...It's great that they recycle the recyclesee the pipes... filled with gaseveryday trash is dumped here and covered up... bodies have been found here...What a great Idea Leslie ... what a blessing to have a friend who cares about the Earth... we all got to try... and it was fun!The landfill is up high and they work with the beautiful city of Calabasas below where Leslie and I stopped for a snack...We had to go to the Kardashian Shop... DASHNot anything to do with Slumdog Millionaire... Leslie and I always eat Vegetarian Indian Food... we went to " A Taste Of India"... just a taste.... the whole country would be way to

as Les and I were driving back we listened to the Teachings of Abraham... LOVED IT... when I got home I called SK told him about my day the Landfill, Dash, Indian food... (Leslie, Bob, Me)I thought SK was going to think I was crazy... SK was very supportive and knows all about the teachings of Abraham... WHAT A GREAT GUY!

Have a great weekend... My friend Cindy bought us tickets to GREASE with TAYLOR HICKS... going Sunday after church... didn't have the heart to tell her I have never seen the Grease the movie... but I know the music... can't wait!!! FUN (Taylor Hicks... kind of looks like Jay Leno)