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Condoms should be free in the hood

WELCOME 18TH FOLLOWER!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

I have enjoyed SK being here... he is great for me... I am surprised that he didn't run out the door when he saw my place...

(Aw... his toe nail polish is almost gone... must reply )

He couldn't run out the door... there is stuff in front of it... I put everything in tubs and he puts the tubs on the couch so we can lay on the floor and then take the tubs off the couch if we want to sit.... AHHHHHHHHHHH he doesn't complain...

SK " I have seen worst... remember I was in the military"...

He wants to paint and sculpt... cool

We went to Rite Aid for Trojan Brand Latex Ultra thin for Ultimate Sensitivity with Spermicidal Lubricant (12 pack) Condoms

And it was locked up... Locked up ? (We had to wait and get someone to unlock it... geez)
SK " That's the last thing that needs to be locked up around here... with all this F'ing going on around here ... all these kids having kids... they need to give that shit away...
I was laughing...
Oh my goodness... What is Monkey Butt?... Ha ha ha ha ha
Yesterday my neighbor informed us that we were going dancing with her and her husband tonight... it should be interesting

SK is furious that I don' t AC and and that my smoke detector is inoperative...( He is a property manager) ceiling need repair... the place should be painted " I'm going to get you out of here Got Dam it"

Look how I cleaned the bathroom... yea!

Refrigerator... yeah