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Easter Day... Baptism, New Life,communion,Water

Easter Day at sunrise service 6AM... my job was to help the when they got out of the water to help dry and assist... so I stood with the towels ready... It was worth getting up at 4 AM Micky P. and I are mentors to the same child who got baptized... ( Love me some Micky P) In between services... I ended up hold this little guy.. he was laughing so much he cracked me up Easter Walk...
Jesus rode in on a donkey... Hey Donkey ( it's name was really Donkey) The Last Supper with my Lord....
(ha ha ha... sorry such a cute guard )... The Mean Guards took Jesus away!!! Jesus died on the cross... But Jesus rose again...
I got on Donkey...
Friendly as a mule... Had fun... it was beautiful something one can't forget...
Stayed through 9AM service... Then Leslie S. came to the 11 o'clock Easter Service and we sang the Hallelujah chorus in the choir... majestic with the trumpets,tuba,drums, organ... Incredible powerful service
after church
G -- Leslie SK comes here in two days and my car is a mess...
L --- well... let's get it done right now!(
G--- Now?
L ---( on second hand)
Leslie really helped me throw away... my life... my old life... and she was tough about it... ( never seen Leslie be in such control... )
Thanks Leslie... wow... thanks a lot!!!!
Lunch at Marmalade Cafe ...
What next Ms In Charge?
Leslie --- Let's go to the beach
G-- OKAY ( so we went to the beach.. in our church clothes... so what... today we live)

We had to go because some strange BIG black guy told me he had been staring and blah blah blah...
L --- Let's go before he asks you to marry him..
The guy walked up to Leslie's auto but Leslie took off... HA! YEA! Had a great time with ya Les!
When I got back to my car... I was asked to give a jump... no problem my car was just on the side of the road last week... happy to help (the jump didn't work)
G -- I have to get gas ( SK sent some money) and let me know if you need anything( The Indian gas attendant asked to be my boyfriend... I said sure... he laughed)
Q and Fightin' Mad Mary came to church 7 PM ( 30 min. early I gave the wrong time).. to see our friend Wally Wingert get Baptised
Proud of ya Wa Wa...( Wally looks like Rock-n-Roll Jesus) GloZell, Wally,Christina, Luis Oliart
Mary, Wa Wa, and Q
Dancer gave Wa Wa a Baptism gift( Dancer is really nice she showed up at 7.30 AM to see Wally's Baptism and came back at 7.30 PM... Wally get's up early for no one) such a beautiful cross
Then we hoola hooped in the parking lot... HA (What else do you do after you get Baptized?)
Go Wa Wa!!!! I love my Church family they accept me as is.. not agree with everything I do ... but accept me as is ..... WWJD? I ended up giving a ride to guy who's car wouldn't start and he was the father of the baby who gave me such a laugh earlier... God is good ( I had room in my car for him and a baby seat because of Leslie and gas because of SK) I am grateful
If you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior you are welcome at my church, if you don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior... you are welcome
If you have never heard of Jesus you are welcome
If you are married, divorced, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, confused, happy anything... YOU ARE WELCOME