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Hello GloZell's friends... A message from SK

Hello, GG's friends! Whoa! A special entry from SK....

Touched down at LAX last night 7:45pm. Promptly met by my extremely exciting and wonderful girlfriend who was completely naked under a full length black coat, blond wig, pink high heeled boots and glamour sunglasses. Damn...what a sexy sight! (And she only has eyes for me!) We wandered back to G's mini mansion after heavy kissing and fondling, some of which took place during driving. Whew! Steamy! Hot!

We are fine here at G's residence, enjoying each other and having fun. I truly love this woman and will travel and endure all to be with her. Why? Simply because she makes me happy. What more could any man want? Continue to support GG. She will make it Big because of You.