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Goodbye... I love Kevin

Last day in Orlando only 7 days ago.... farewell my love goodbye
SK and I at the Elephant Bar... ( this looks familiar)
We went to a book store...
Next day to the airport... awwww
I'll be back...

On the tram to the airport

Now look sad that I'm

I said look sad!!!!!
Be sad black man!

I had a great time... time to go..

I was in line to go to the check point.... and looked back... awwww SK is so sweet
I had the finest Flight Attendant named KEVIN...The women had him running around back and forth...( he looked like he should be working with computers but had a nice body)I can't put on my seat belt... open my can, I can't open my cookies... Kevin always smiled and he has an Urban feel to his speech... I don't think I have ever had a black male Flight Attendant...
Bye Kevin....