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Badass Blogger 09 - Andew Dice Clay

Yesterday Leslie met SK!!!! And she brought some awesome Money Attraction Cards... it was fun and uplifting
Andrew Dice Clay came into our office "Starbucks"... he smelled really good
Aren't we cute -----------
Madlab Post did a great article called 5 Badass Bloggers on the Web.

My blog was chosen as one of the five. Yea! Thank you, Madlab Post!
(I couldn't copy and paste it on my blog)

Click on the link below to read more!

Oh last night I went up at J Anthony Brown's Comedy Club "The J Spot"... it was interesting...
All black comics... all black crowed... (one Filipino girl) the were all happy that the Lakers won!
Some in the front row had a LOT to drink and really enjoyed themselves... by talking through everyone's set
I was one of 8 ... I finished my set... 4 good comics didn't finish because of the front row having their own comedy.
It was a great learning experience... Over all it was a good night
I was asked to come back on Ladies night and I will be booked to perform on J Anthony's night
I felt like the front row threw me but I finish and people liked me
I couldn't tape in there but they taped and have to have it edited for You Tube to put