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Everything I know about the Jewish people I learned from watching Seinfeld

SK and I are covering 6 weeks for someone who helps with a food pantry that works with Churches and Synagogues... So we went to the Synagogue for a meeting to learn what we need to do This young lady of 93 help start the food pantry... ( She asked me if I knew what a Rabbi was because she taught a young man in the 2nd great who became a Rabbi and now he is retiring... she was so proud) She shared many stories... Sweet sweet lady... thank you for being so nice

Very interesting... I have NEVER EVER seen a memorial to Slavery at a church... But at the Synagogue they had a Holocaust memorial... hmmmmmmmmmmm

(I meant to say Moil)

Everyone was so nice to us... it was a beautiful facility
I just couldn't grasp something... at the Synagogue... a Holocaust Memorial?... the Jewish People are a strong people...

How could remembering the Holocaust strengthen a group of people and Slavery ( TO ME) being taught... ruins the lives of Negros, Colors, Blacks, Afro-Americans, African Americans... Whatever we are called... I think it's Black Americans now...???? They both were a horrible times...

Bill Cosby says it best...