New Videos

I have RODENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for buying scrubs... I have to make more ... time I make them they are sold... so thank you for your support!

I have friends finding me out of the woodwork on Facebook... I have over 800 now.

OH OH... I saw RUPAUL on the hike today... I scared him I yelled right in his face " I LOVE YOU"... he chuckled and a little startled... I bet most people don't recognize him when he's not in drag...

He said " Oh.. thank you... I love you too"... it's great when stars are nice

I will be performing at the World Famous Comedy Store Friday 8PM in the MAIN ROOM (You go girl)... I wrote the outline of my set last night. Thanks

GloZell's Ghetto Issues...

The owner of the house is coming back on the 1st and SK and I still don't have a place... We are a good house sitting has been fun.

The car is 500 dollars to fix... but scrubs are selling pretty good... just takes a while to get ahead. I have some wild new ideas for some new scrubs...

I am feeling good about life... I mean... Why not?

I will keep you posted