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Meow Baby!


GloZell's Ghetto Issues...

Today WendIE Wilson taped her boot camp video... I have no idea what she was going for or where it is going but it was fun after it warmed up. I will show you the video when it's done.

I am going to have fun today! My friend Wa Wa invited me to go to this Make-up convention Glamortron or something like that ... Paria and MARY is going with... yeaaaaaaaaa!

The men folk are having French Fries


Tomorrow I meet with Nancy... you know... Doc's daughter... wah ha ha... ( I really think I'm cool LOL) and then chilax with SK, at Q and Mary's House...
That's my weekend!

PS. I want to meet Ted Danson from CHEERS, Beaker, Curb your Enthusiasm next week