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The Jay Leno Show and Mo... Old School NBC

The Jay Leno Show is... GREAT. I don't know why it's getting the bad press it's getting?
I watched it last night... Kevin Nealon was on. From the show Weeds and SNL


Jay's monologue... very funny, the band great, the set is cool looking, I love Ross the Intern Matthews...

I think that The Jay Leno Show has done everything right! Oh I love that the musical guest isn't last. The Jay Leno Show took all the good from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and added some cool freshness...

So maybe it's the time that it's on because the show is great... it's better.
I love the anouncer Wally Wingert ( That's my friend ) but I hope that John Melendez is still working for the show somehow because he was a good energy and great person.

Kevin Nealon was talking about how his son is 2 years old... HA... so sweet when I met him his son was just a baby.

Also in Jay's Monologue he talked about a woman from England that had 300 Orgasim... well that was a twist on the woman he really met at his show... Queen O

Cheers... I love Woody
Look at how Happy Ted is to see me... He was trying to Curb his enthusiasm... HA HA HA Oh...

I loved the show Night Court

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love John Larroquette... handsome and very tall