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My friends on the plane

On my way to Phoenix I sat next to the most interesting people. A woman you had the most beautiful green eyes. Filled with tears. A friend of hers... a coach from years ago is dying and she went to visit her coach along with some other of her team mates from years ago.

Her coach is dying. This is the last time Green eyes will she her coach who really meant a lot to so many... clearly.

Green eyes told the man next to her... "Don't mind me... I will be crying this whole trip"

(I was thinking with my head down about Haiti and this coach and life. Then I asked in my head what am I doing with my life . Am I on the right road... who wants to waste time with time is so short)

Just then the man next to the green eyed lady started talking about The Seth Books.... and Abraham. Ester and Jerry Hicks. It was uplifting to green eyes. We all ended up joking and having a great time on the plane.

I know that helped us all... we really had a good time.

Green Eyes taught me that children are here to teach the parents and if parents knew that... less fighting in the home.

The Man Professor S. taught me how to do sudoku and gave me homework. Do the puzzles that came on our U.S. Airways magazine.

I hope to see you both again Ms. L (Green eyes) and Prof. S
The next flight Pheonix to Burbank! WHOO HOO. I sat next to the friendliest man from Lebanon. He was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of his 19 year old son who is working on his 3rd stripe in the Air Force. He showed me 5 days worth of pictures of his son. And a few jokes. Thanks!
I also sat next to a young lady who was reading a book so I didn't get a chance to talk to her much. I tried before the plane took off " Oh you live in California?" She answered and got to reading.... Book Girl and I ended up cracking up the last 10 mins of the flight! Book Girl is cool

I often wonder about the wonderful people I meet in such a short time on a plane.
I wish them all much success, wealth and happiness.


MD Visited ME

When MD and her sister Jean was here ( MD reads my blog everyday for the last 2 years and she came to visit)

Mary got us tickets to the Dearly Departed tour

Life is short for everyone so enjoy life!